A Flooded Room or Basement – Part 1, The Dangers

Your basement is flooded. The ground is coveredFlooded Basement Fsi Oil and Propane with dirty water and it’s soaking up your things. Too often we are quick to rush to save our material possessions but it’s vital to keep you and your family safe by remembering the dangers of a flood. Read along to find out the real dangers after such a disaster, even if they are hiding.

The foremost danger that comes with a flood is water damage. Property such as your belongings and the structure of your home are now damp and destroyed.Not only are valuable tools and appliances often affected but so are priceless memorables and everyday living items that your family loves and uses. And not only the things inside your home but the house itself – the floor, walls, and foundation – can be damaged too. Of course you notice that the floor is wet along with the grounding of the walls, but what about inside? You might not notice but even just a couple inches of water can wick 2 feet up inside the drywall¹.

Within this water resides a plethora of bacteria, dirt, and disease. The grubby waters, often backed up from the sewer, can cause just as much harm to your house and belongings as it can to you and your family. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Have your home heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system checked and cleaned by a maintenance or service professional who is experienced in mold clean-up before you turn it on. If the HVAC system was flooded with water, turning on the mold-contaminated HVAC will spread mold throughout the house.” Some equipment may be not only damaged but contaminated and the use of these items (even after drying) can spread grime and illness throughout your home

Less visually noticeable are aspects of your home’s electrical system that may have been affected by the flood. It is extremely important to pay heed to electrical safety in order to avoid shock and electrocution. Depending on the severity of the floodwaters many appliances may be ruined and key aspects of your home’s electrical system may be damaged. Some fixtures that may need replacement include outlets, circuits, fans, lights, heaters, furnaces, and boilers. Some appliances that are sometimes salvaged include dehumidifiers, refrigerators, and freezers¹.

With tales of a wetter than normal winter headed our way, be sure to have the contact to a respected, certified company capable of handling these disasters. Fsi Oil and Propane, bringing you home comfort and energy solutions, services such water leaks as well as plumbing fixture repairs and installations. We will be sure to help your family out



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