Why Stories About Gas Stoves Should Be Taken with a Grain of Salt

You’ve probably seen stories in the news recently about the potential dangers of gas stoves, and how some believe they can be bad for your health. The team at FSi Oil & Propane knows that many of our customers in the  Massachusetts and Connecticut service area rely on gas stoves as a reliable and consistent way to prepare meals. Using gas to prepare is clean, safe, and has delicious results—which is why we’re sharing the reasons you should take those negative stories about gas stoves with a grain of salt.

Gas Stove Headlines Are Bending Facts

The headlines surrounding natural gas stoves in California center on a study that links them to benzene, a known carcinogen. But the link between natural gas stoves and dangerous levels of benzene in California homes was not conclusively established, and the authors of the study admitted as much. Further study is needed to produce conclusive results, but some lawmakers are calling for a ban on gas stoves, even though a different study suggests that cooking on an electric stove might have a greater adverse impact on indoor air quality. More study is needed in that case as well, but no one is trying to outlaw electric stoves.

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The Truth About Natural Gas, Propane, & Safety

Any type of gas ban is a heavy-handed solution to a nuanced issue. For example, not every gas is created equal; propane has not been shown to contain any significant amount of benzene. And like natural gas, propane is a low-carbon fuel, according to both the US Department of Energy and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Of course, we should work to eliminate the presence of harmful emissions in and near homes, but there are better solutions besides gas bans. We believe lawmakers should focus on natural gas supply chains and work to mitigate potential hazards like benzene. Pairing that with proper installation, ventilation, and yearly checkups by qualified technicians—such as the ones on our team—is a common-sense way to addressing potential health and safety concerns surrounding gas appliances.

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