Indoor Summer Activities For Kids – Part 1.


We love Summer days. Kids in the pool, BBQ grill turned on, your garden blooming, or vacations, Summer is the time we love spending outside. Living in New England, Summer sometimes can be too hot for comfort. And the next thing you know, you have a house full of kids. What do you do? We’ve compiled some of our favorite indoor Summer activities for kids that you can do with your family!


Indoor Tent

Let’s bring our kids back to before there was smartphones and tablets. Back to the days of forts and camping out in the living room. Depending on the size of your home, you may very well be able to bring and set up an outdoor tent. Don’t have a tent? No problem. Just build a fort with blankets. Both setting up the tent or building the fort can be an activity you do with the kids. Then, let the kids bring their favorite toys, books, and games in the tent.


Frozen Popsicles

Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing frozen popsicle?! Pick up some of your kids favorite fruits and puree them. You can also grab your favorite fruits and add yogurt, scoop into ice pop molds or cups with sticks, freeze until solid, and enjoy. Different flavors bring bright summer colors. Your kids can have fun designing their own popsicles.



Instead of just turning on the air conditioner and popping in a movie, why not invite some of theme? Whether it be a genre, or a cinematic universe (like Marvel Comic’s The Avengers). Have fun snacks like popcorn, ice pops, ice cream, etc. and watch a kid-friendly movies together.


Treasure Hunt

This is a super fun activity you can do with your kids. Gather up some toys and treats (treats that hide well, packaged candy) and hide them for your kids to find. With more than one kid involved, prizes can be given for solving the clues for hiding spots.


Indoor Picnic

Change things up by serving lunch outside of the kitchen. It’s a fun and exciting experience for your kids. First, grab a basket (doesn’t have to be a real picnic basket) and assemble some foods you would bring on a picnic that the kids can have. Spread a blanket in the family room and put together some sandwiches, juice boxes, and snacks. Then unpack your picnic and watch the lunch disappear.


These are just a few of our favorites. Stay tuned as we continue to share indoor activities throughout the Summer! Have questions on staying cool during the summer? Contact us today.