Why Propane Is the Environmentally Friendly Energy for Everyone

By now, many commercial industries and homeowners alike have begun to realize the numerous benefits and capabilities of eco-friendly propane power for all of their energy needs here in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. In an energy landscape that is increasingly in demand of more sustainable and diversified energy options, renewable, nontoxic propane fuel has positioned itself as one of the most efficient solutions for addressing today’s energy needs while lowering emissions.  Here at FSi Oil and Propane, we are committed to providing quality propane fuel deliveries and premium home comfort services that our customers can rely on, at any time of year. Keep reading to learn why our experts are in support of propane as an environmentally friendly energy option for all people, businesses, and industries across the United States.

Reducing Emissions While Meeting Energy Needs

Propane is considered a clean, “green,” and low-emission fuel that is eco-friendly and efficient in both its manufacturing and use. Some of the main reasons that experts in the energy industry champion propane as the fuel of the future (that is available today), are due to its eco-friendliness, safety, efficiency, and reliability for use with home appliances and heating equipment, fleet vehicles, transportation, construction, agriculture, and more. Propane is a clean fuel, which is often why it is referred to as a “green” energy source that all people and industries can take advantage of for its affordability and power. Propane also meets the rigorous standards set by the Clean Air Act of 1990 as well as all clean air energy standards put forth for burned fuels by the Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA. These characteristics of propane demonstrate that the fuel can effectively reduce carbon emissions while meeting residential and commercial energy needs.

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Who Uses Propane Energy?

When we say that propane is for everyone, we mean it! With applications across every industry, there are no limits to the power of propane fuel. With its eco-friendly advancements and low carbon emissions paired with its great reliability, affordability, and efficiency, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners, builders, and businesses alike are making the switch to propane. Check out our list below to see who is using propane energy and how:


As a homeowner here in our Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut service area, you are well aware of propane as an excellent option to power your home heating system, water heater, indoor and outdoor appliances and recreational equipment, as well as your home’s standby generator. Propane offers homeowners affordability and the additional peace of mind that they will always have fuel stored on their property when they need it, instead of needing to be entirely dependent on the electrical grid, especially during inclement weather.


Propane can also be used to provide safe and reliable heating for livestock as well as power irrigation systems, mowers, and other agricultural vehicles and equipment that the industry depends on. Plus, propane is more affordable and reliable than gasoline or diesel fuel options.

Commercial Buildings & Construction

Commercial building and construction with propane is one of the easiest ways for commercial builders to complete projects while meeting their economic, environmental, and efficiency goals for each of their projects.

Fleet Vehicles

Fueling commercial fleet vehicles such as delivery trucks with propane Autogas is affordable, reliable, and more eco-friendly than gasoline or diesel. With easy refueling and lower costs of ownership and maintenance of propane fleet vehicles, it’s no wonder why so many commercial businesses are converting their fleets to run on Autogas.

Material Handling

Productivity is essential to keep businesses running and products moving. Whether a company needs to move merchandise or other materials in warehouses, storerooms, or anywhere else, you can bet that propane can help with that! With refillable propane cylinder tanks made especially for forklifts, companies have an easy solution for material handling that is fast and cost-effective. By using propane-powered forklifts, businesses can save money and easily swap fuel cylinder bottles without having to wait for their vehicles to charge.

Landscape & Turf Management

Propane mowers offer landscapers numerous benefits such as reduced fuel costs, lower labor expenses, and fuel security all while being more eco-friendly than traditional gasoline models. Propane mowers are efficient, powerful, and allow landscapers to spend less time refueling (or charging electric equipment) and more time to get the job done.

Residential Construction

It’s no secret that propane offers homeowners reliability, comfort, and satisfaction with their home systems and appliances. Residential builders and architects alike can take the power of propane into consideration for new home construction projects in order to drive down costs and help their buyers be pleased with the overall efficiency and safety of their new home.

School Transportation

Another use for propane Autogas is for fueling school buses and school transportation. Not only is it easy and cost-effective to convert the diesel engines the school buses are typically equipped with to run on propane, but doing so can also help these vehicles run better, produce far less harmful emissions, and require less maintenance.

Residential Remodeling

We can’t forget about the numerous ways that propane can give any home a serious energy upgrade! Your home doesn’t have to be a brand-new build in order to take advantage of all propane has to offer. Remodel contractors can help homeowners by including new propane systems and appliances in their plans. With new propane water heaters, fireplaces, cooktops, and more, the options for creating a client’s home of their dreams are endless.

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