Fuel Price Protection in Western MA and CT

Fuel prices can be unpredictable and go up and down on a dime. With price protection from FSi, you can take control of your fuel costs! Your comfort is our priority, so we believe in offering affordable price protection plans for our valued customers, so you don’t have to worry about price spikes and outrageous fuel bills.

At FSi, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most competitive pricing, outside of influences like the markets, geopolitical issues or conflicts, and natural disasters, which wreak havoc on your fuel costs. Our pricing solutions get you off the fuel-price roller coaster and into affordable fuel payments for your future comfort in your MA or CT home. Check out our price protection options below!

Price Protection Cap Plan

This is our most popular price protection option! Our Price Protection Cap Plan stands head and shoulders about our competition. Why? Because while it puts a limit on the most you’ll pay, there’s no limit on how little you can pay! That means while you’re protected from price spikes, you also get to take advantage of price decreases because when the daily rate is below your capped price, you’ll pay the lower rate.


Prebuy Plan

Prebuy is the ultimate in taking control of fuel prices. You’re in charge! You decide how many gallons of fuel you want to buy and prepay ahead of heating season. We reserve those gallons, and we use our Automatic Delivery plan to deliver your prebought fuel as you need it through the heating season. And because you’re buying ahead of heating season, you’ll get a great price!