Uses and Advantages of Propane

The Multiple Uses and
Advantages of Propane

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Space Heating
Are you a residential homeowner trying to provide heat and energy to your home? There are several advantages to using propane for space heating. By using a propane furnace, boiler, or space heater you can greatly improve not only the heating in your home, but the comfortability.

Propane furnaces, for example, cost less to install and run on par with competitive energy prices. Not only is it cheaper, but the air provided is warmer and cleaner thanks to using propane as the energy source.

You can even use propane to heat your floors, with radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating uses propane to heat water that is then pumped through tubes underneath your floorboards. Ensuring that you’ll always be cozy in the winter!


Water Heating
Propane can be used to heat water for your entire home. By having a tankless water heater you will take a large amount off of your monthly heating bill, sometimes as much as $150 a year compared to other energy sources!

You can also use propane in a propane storage water heater, which delivers the same amount of hot water as an electric tank, but in a much smaller size.


Propane cooking equipment can be used to numerous benefits to you. Propane cooking equipment will allow for greater heat control than its electrical competitors. Not only can equipment like small stoves be heated, but also commercial grade cooktops! Propane can also be used for outdoor kitchens that make summers a blast while simultaneously increasing your home’s value.


Everyday Home Features
Propane can also be used in several other areas of your home. Propane fireplaces can make your room extra cozy, with fireplace efficiency ratings of over 90%! Propane dryers are also available, using 20 percent less energy than competing electrical dryers.

Propane can also be used to heat your pool, outdoor lighting and lamps, mosquito traps, and certain vehicles! These are just some of the positives to using propane, the clean energy that can save you money.


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