Winter Tips for Fuel Delivery

Winter in New England can be very unpredictable! With snow and extreme temperatures, it is important to make sure you plan ahead and remember these tips to help make receiving your fuel easier!

  • Plan Ahead. If you are on our Automatic Delivery program, you have no need to worry, as we do the planning for you! If you are not a part of our delivery program, it is important to plan ahead when a storm is upon us. Snow and ice can, unfortunately, cause delays in our delivery schedule. Planning ahead will help us ensure that you have enough fuel all winter long.
  • Clear Your Driveway. When snow falls, make sure your driveway is cleared of snow and ice, especially when you know a delivery is on its way! We would recommend clearing a 10 foot wide path. Even though your car may be able to make it down your driveway, doesn’t always mean our big trucks can.
  • Shovel a Path. Make sure to shovel a path all the way to your filling area. It is important to do this so our delivery drivers can safely deliver your fuel.
  • Mark Your Fill Pipe. During the winter months, our drivers may have to deliver in the dark. Turn any outside lights on while they are there. We would also recommend marking your fill pipe to assist them in finding it.