Mass Save Saves the Day

The Mass Save® program plays a significant role in making Massachusetts the most energy-efficient state in the country. The program offers eligible homeowners, renters and landlords rebates and financing when they elect to upgrade to a higher-efficiency heating and cooling system.


The program blossomed after the Massachusetts state legislature passed The Green Communities Act (GCA) in 2008. The goal of the GCA was to expand investments in energy efficiency. By making energy efficiency programs more competitive in the market, consumer costs would ultimately decrease.


Mass Save is not an entity unto itself, but instead a brand that serves as a trademark for all the program has to offer. It is sponsored by Program Administrators (entities that administer energy efficiency programs) and is supported by the Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC) and Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). It is a collaborative effort that yields a synchronized program.


If you’re considering replacing your system, you may be eligible to receive financial incentives:

  • Up to $350 off oil-fired furnace
  • Up to $500 off oil-fired boiler
  • Up to $750 off propane-fired furnace
  • Up to $1,750 off propane-fired boiler
  • Up to $250 off central air conditioning
  • Up to $500 off central heat pump

To find out if you are eligible and learn more about the Mass Save Rebate program, take a look at the Mass Save website. Fsi Oil and Propane would be happy to help you take advantage of these and other great rebates, so contact us today.