Water Softener Systems

Your hair will look great and your water heater will thank you! Yes, water softeners make water soft! What that means for your family is water that makes the best use of soap and shampoo when washing and leaves the skin and hair feeling silky smooth. In addition, it will reduce discoloration in your hair, on your water fixtures, and in your laundry. Tired of shower doors that do not get clean? Soft water will wash away those filmy deposits you are constantly trying to squeegee off without success.

In addition to personal inconvenience, hard water is tough on water heaters, boilers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Keep those “big ticket” items in good working condition by softening your water.


soft water bubble bath

Our Water Softener System Installation

FSI Oil and Propane’s plumbing division installs only the best water treatment equipment to keep your home in tip-top shape. In this water filter conditioning system, positively charged ions are used to attract negatively charged ions that are harmful, such as manganese and calcium. Prolonged exposure to manganese can adversely affect your body, and calcium can damage pipes and give your water a foul taste.

Interested in improving your Massachusetts or Connecticut home’s value, creating a better water system for your family, and enjoying all the benefits yourself? Request a quote today if you’d like to see how a water softening system will fit into your home and routine.