Chlorine & Sediment Filters

Remove Chlorine and Improve Your Overall Health

FSi can help with dirt and rust that builds up in municipal or private well systems before it enters the house. Finding dirty water coming out of the faucets? If you notice this, just imagine what can be building up in your water heater or heating system! You can protect your appliances by installing a whole house sediment filter. FSi Oil and Propane’s plumbing department is proud to provide no-obligation quotes on chlorine and sediment filters for your home—get in touch to find out how affordable your filter installation could be!


Filter Cartridges For Water

Chlorine’s Purpose and Its Effect on Your Appliances, Skin, and Hair

Chlorine is used by municipalities to protect water systems from bacteria. However, the chlorine has done its job once the water enters your house. It can have damaging effects on your skin, hair, laundry, and more. Protect your skin, hair, and overall health by removing chlorine with a whole house carbon filter which will filter the chemical out of your home’s water and get it back to the way it should be.

Waterflow Upflow Filters Provide:

  • Economical Alternative in Certain Applications
  • Simple Selection of Desired Filter Media
  • Optional Dome Fill Hole and Closure
  • Bypass with 1” MNPT Connections
  • Enpress Vortech Distributor Plate for Exceptional Backwashing
  • Optional Natural Color
  • No Chemical Regenerates Required