Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Will-Call Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Ready to place a will-call Bioheat® fuel delivery request? While most of our Massachusetts customers like the convenience of our automatic delivery service, you may prefer to call in your order each time. If so, just keep in mind that there is a gap between the time you place your order and the time we can make your delivery. This is necessary because a will-call delivery has to be scheduled into our carefully planned routes. We recommend placing a request when your oil tank level reaches one-quarter.


Guaranteed On-Time Automatic Delivery Service

Want a simpler method for fuel delivery? You’ll never have to worry about placing orders with our technology-based software program that predicts each home’s individual fuel consumption patterns! We have never met an automatic delivery issue that we could not solve.

We use a sophisticated monitoring system to track your fuel usage and accurately predict your heating oil needs based on weather patterns. This allows us to schedule a home heating oil delivery based solely on when you need it. Automatic delivery can be set up over the phone and there is no extra charge for this convenient service.

Added benefits of automatic delivery:

  • Receive discounted service rates
  • Qualify for valuable upgraded service protection
  • Spread heating costs into equal payments with SmartPay

If for any reason you run out of fuel as an automatic delivery customer, we will promptly fill your tank, restart your burner at no charge and give you a $25 gift card toward dinner FREE.*

*Restrictions may apply


What Is Bioheat® Fuel?

Bioheat® fuel is a blend of renewable biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating fuel. Biodiesel is a recycled, renewable, and sustainable blend of agricultural by-products and used cooking oils. These products, which are automatically created during farming and food production, are mixed with low-sulfur fuel to create Bioheat® fuel. This results in additional streams of revenue for farmers and restaurants, less waste generated by the agricultural industry, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced carbon content.


Is Bioheat® Fuel a Safe Choice?

Yes! Like regular oil, Bioheat® fuel is a safe energy source for Massachusetts residents and beyond due to its nonexplosive qualities and production of visible warning signs such as smoke during rare malfunctions. The low emission levels are also great for the environment. Bioheat® fuel offers a sustainable fuel solution for the future.


What Are the Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel?

  • Promotes better operation of your heating system
  • Prolongs heating equipment lifespan
  • Lowers emissions to protect the environment
  • Supports local jobs
  • Is abundantly available today
  • Provides you access to local energy professionals
  • Requires ZERO expensive modifications to your current equipment


How to Get a Bioheat® Fuel Delivery Fast

FSi Oil & Propane is pleased to be taking part in the renewable energy revolution by delivering Bioheat® fuel to each and every customer who orders from us. This sustainable source of power is something we’re passionate about. When you order from us, you can feel great about your energy choice, which promotes a lower-carbon environment for our kids and grandkids.