A/C Services in Western MA and CT

Expert A/C Maintenance and Repairs

Our highly trained technicians have years of service under their belts and can help you keep your A/C running smoothly and efficiently. A properly installed and maintained air conditioning system will have fewer needs for repair services and seasonal hiccups than one that doesn’t get regular maintenance. Annual maintenance is a win-win for your home comfort budget. For your cooling comfort, we are happy to provide all the same expertise and affordable services we provide for heating equipment—including service plans and tune-ups.

If you need air conditioning repair, we’ll get your system up and running again as quickly as possible. Our technicians at FSi have advanced training in the latest cooling systems and are always staying up to date with the newest machines, so no matter your issue, whether it be simple or complex, we can handle it! We get the job done right the first time. That’s why when we come, we bring a truck full of tools and a full array of replacement parts to complete the job the first time we’re there, so you can get back to being comfortable.


Tune-Ups for Seasonal Savings

Seasonal A/C tune-ups help you save big on you comfort budget when hot weather rolls around. They prevent a wide range of problems that can lead to expensive repairs, and they keep your air conditioning equipment running at peak efficiency, which means your home stays nice and cool while using less energy, resulting in lower energy bills.

If your A/C is older, regular maintenance will help extend its lifespan, and if you have a new A/C system, annual tune-ups will protect your investment and keep your equipment running at peak performance.