Whole-House Contaminant Removal System

Massachusetts and Connecticut homes can benefit greatly from a whole-house contaminant filter, designed to remove chemicals and contaminants from your water. Get rid of lead, chlorine, PFOA/PFOS acids, and chlorine-resistant bacteria from water before it gets into your water system. Many contaminants such as chlorine and PFOA/PFOS not only are harmful when ingested, but also can be absorbed into the skin. Fortunately for you, FSi Oil and Propane’s plumbing division is here to help with the installation of a whole-home filtration solution. Keep reading to learn more details, or get an estimate from us easily online:


Whole-House Carbon Filters

If you are on municipal or town-fed water, federal law mandates it to be chlorinated. This is only to protect the water from bacterial contaminants before it gets to your house. That chlorine is not necessary to be bathing, showering, watering flowers, and drinking. You can protect your plumbing and appliances when you use a home water filtration system. Heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals in unfiltered water can all cause damage over time. We can remove the chlorine simply with a back-washing or non-backwashing filter. Contact us to request a free water test so that we can help you choose a water treatment system that is right for your home.


Whole House Contaminant Filters

Some contaminants are not only bad to drink, but bad to shower in, too! Lead can be absorbed into the skin as can chlorine and today’s “forever” chemicals such as PFOA and PFOS. Protect your entire household from lead with a whole house filter from Pioneer, a brand that we’re pleased to offer to our valued MA & CT customers.