3 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Restroom

When it comes to a restroom remodel, you want to make changes that are impactful on the eye but not necessarily on your wallet. By updating your existing plumbing fixtures or current bathroom layout, you can create the feel of an entirely new space. Lucky for you, Fsi Oil and Propane is here to transform your dream-bathroom into a reality with some budget-friendly updates.



Before you get the demolition crew ready, it’s important to look at the functionality of your existing bathroom. Is it cramped or awkward getting into the shower? Do you feel like your toilet is crammed in the corner or too far away from the sink? Do you have enough space to brush your teeth or wash your hands comfortably? Whether your space is big or small, make sure it works for YOU! And if it doesn’t, we’ve got your back.


If your bathroom is in fact on the smaller side, it may not be beneficial to have a vanity or countertop, and a pedestal sink might be a smarter option. Or if you find that your bath is only being used as a powder room, you may want to reconsider any existing shower or tubs that aren’t being utilized. Freeing up underutilized space will give you the freedom to really get creative when it comes to your bathroom remodel.



In a smaller bath, the sink and/or vanity area is often a focal point of the room. By giving this area a little TLC, you can improve the entire look and feel of your restroom. But remember, you don’t always need to replace entire sink or shower units during a bathroom remodel. Sometimes just updating old, tarnished, or inefficient fixtures can do the trick at a much lower cost.


Vessel sinks or wall-mount faucets are great ways to add a more modern feel to your vanity area.


The decorative bowl of a vessel sink can sit atop any waterproof surface, allowing you to get creative with your storage options. Whether you opt for a vintage flea-market find or a more high-end counter unit, the basin remains elegant and even reduces splash.


A wall-mount faucet adds a more streamlined look to your sink area, and doesn’t require any cutting into expensive countertops or cabinets!


However, if you’re worried about taking up precious counter space with the basin-style sink, a drop-in or undermount sink might be the better option for you. These sinks are meant to be inserted into a vanity or countertop.


And if you STILL don’t think any of these options fit your vision, a pedestal or wall-mount sink could be the perfect fit. These sinks do not require any counter or surface to be installed. A freestanding pedestal sink is timeless and takes up minimal space, while a wall-mount sink is simply installed right to your existing wall. An added benefit of a wall-mount sink is that it allows for wheelchair accessibility or room for a stool underneath for smaller children.


Note: The same simple fixes to your sink’s fixtures can be applied to your shower as well.


Consider having a hand-held sprayer installed to add some more functionality and style to an outdated shower. Whether washing your hair or cleaning your tub, having mobility is an added bonus to how luxurious it will look.


Rain-style showerheads are also increasingly popular, and take your shower from a daily necessity to an invigorating and relaxing experience. The spa-like fixture will definitely add some style and elegance to your bath.


Just like with your sink, you can also have a wall-mount showerhead installed. Newer wall-mount units are high-efficiency and give you the same great stream but uses much less water. Not to mention they add a sleek, contemporary appeal.



The toilet is arguably the most important feature of your restroom, so it shouldn’t be neglected! If your bath is older, chances are you toilet has not been replaced since its original installation. Consider updating your old chamber pot with a more modern and water-efficient model. This will not save water and money, but it will also give your guests a better bathroom experience. And shouldn’t that be the most important thing?


[One last thing to keep in mind is the color of your plumbing fixtures. Often times, white sinks, toilets, and tubs are less expensive because manufacturers produce more of them!]
So whether you’re looking to totally transform your bath, or just spruce it up, Fsi Oil and Propane has your vision and your budget in mind!