4 Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler on Hot Days

stay cool

With the rainy spring almost behind us, many people enjoy this mid-season break from heating costs. However, cooling season is just as important, especially on those scorching 90 degree days (and many more to come!)

Many people’s first instinct when they come home to a hot, stuffy house is to open the windows. However, if the temperature outside is what’s driving up the temperature inside, it’s not going to do much to help cool down your house!

Here are some tips you can follow before you get into A/C Season to keep your house cooler and save energy too.

Keep Your Blinds Closed During The Day…
Who doesn’t love throwing open the curtains in the morning to let in the sunshine? Your electric bill! Up to 30 % of ‘unwanted heat’ comes through your windows, so keeping the curtains or blinds closed to shield sunlight during the day can reduce the indoor temperature by up to 20 degrees. (Source Family Handyman).

Open Your Windows at Night
Once the sun has set and temperatures drop, it’s time to open up! Let in the cool air, and let Mother Nature cool your house. It’s been proven that people sleep better when it’s cooler.

Switch the Ceiling Fans
Most ceiling fans have two settings: clockwise and counter-clockwise. In the winter, your fans should rotate clockwise to help spread warm air throughout the house. But in the summer, set the ceiling fan to run counter clockwise. The different air flow creates more of a breeze than the opposite rotation. Learn the differences here.

Test Your A/C Unit
This is the best time to have your A/C Unit inspected and serviced – before you really need it. The air conditioner’s coils collect dirt over the months and years of service which can cause many issues. Neglecting necessary maintenance will force your system to work harder with decreased performance, while energy use increases. A service advisor can also test the amount of refrigerant available and test for leaks to ensure you are cool and calm all summer long.

Stay cool!