A Flooded Basement – Part 3 – The Solution

Okay, your place is flooded and you have a general sense of what caused the damage. So the final step is, of course, finding a solution! But where do you begin? There’s water throughout the room, your favorite pair of shoes are soaked, your drywalls are somewhat ruined, and you just want everything fixed with the snap of your fingers. It surely isn’t as simple as that, but not to worry! Leave it to Fsi Oil and Propane to help you out, and in the meantime, learn about some ways to solve this problem and prevent future damage, so that next time you won’t be seeing an indoor pool in your home!



To begin, before assessing the damage, make sure you take precaution. The deeper the water, the more the hazard. In a severely flooded basement, it is important to call a professional who knows how to manage the situation accurately. If you are curious to see what is going on within the watery depths of your home then make sure to take a flashlight with you. This way, it is easier to watch your step. A flooded floor is slippery and flooded with debris.



It is likely that your gas appliances may be flooded along with your walls, which means it may be time to replace them. But do not try to do this yourself, since it has the potential to be dangerous. So make sure you get the right professionals to handle the re-installations of all household gas appliances that may be affected.



Now that you have managed the flooded areas, it is important to learn how to prevent future flooding. Consider exterior or interior foundation drains, a backup sump pump or a generator to keep the pump going when the power goes out. Discharge gutter downspouts properly, slope ground away from the house, and seal foundation flaws and cracks.
With the help of Fsi Oil and Propane, one of the most trusted plumbing professionals, you can stay prepared for the seasons and maintain a damaged-free home. Do not let nature ruin your day!