Managing your A/C: Upkeep Tips and When to Change


Managing your A/C: Upkeep Tips and When to Change

Chances are you have started turning your A/C on as we feel the heat getting thicker every day. But while you may be breaking a sweat, make sure it’s from the heat, and not over the worry of a working A/C unit! (Which will make you sweat double if it isn’t working!) Here are some tips to keep your A/C running strong for years to come.


The most important part of having a long lasting A/C unit is to make sure that you’re are keeping up with cleaning. There are many parts of an air conditioning unit that can get dirty and cause damage to your unit, resulting in more money lost and hotter days.

Filters should be changed and checked regularly. When a filter gets dirty and clogged, airflow is severely reduced, resulting in less air for you and more energy used. It is important to note that the more you use your A/C the more frequently you’ll have to change the filter! When your A/C is running 24/7 you may want to replace is about once a month, and when used less frequently about once every three months. There are also other factors, like having pets, that would warrant you to change your filter more often.

Other important things to remember are to clean your Evaporator Coils and Condenser Coils about once a year. Also make sure to keep the unit away from a lot of dirt, debris, and foliage, as this can make the unit’s filter dirty!

Replacing Your A/C

An A/C unit should generally last you about 10-15 years before the cost of repair starts to become more than what it’s worth. If you’re not sure about how old your unit is, get the model and serial number and call the manufacturer!

As the coils start to get older your A/C will start running less efficiently. You’ll notice that the energy cost to run the A/C will go up as it becomes less effective and this is a sign that it may be time to replace the unit. As noted before, keeping the coils clean throughout the years will keep your A/C running effectively longer!

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