Air Conditioning Tips of End-Of-Summer Shutdown

Despite a last minute rally by summer, the air conditioning days of 2019 appear to be behind us here in Massachusetts, which means that you’ll soon be putting your cooling system to bed for the season.

Before you do, here are five end-of-summer A/C tasks we suggest you tackle in the coming weeks:

  1. Check your air filter – If you haven’t checked your A/C’s air filter in a while, now is the time – especially if you have an HVAC unit that combines heating and cooling. Filters should be checked once a month and changed (or cleaned, depending on the model) when needed to maintain efficiency, air quality, and air flow throughout your home.
  2. Clear the area around your outdoor A/C unit – Clear any brush, grass, or leaves from the around the area of your outdoor A/C unit; they can block airflow and diminish the performance of your system.
  3. Have your coils and condensate line cleaned and cleared – End-of-summer maintenance should include a thorough A/C coil cleaning – a job best done by an A/C pro.
  4. Give your A/C a last listen and lookover – Look for any obvious frayed wires or rust, be on the lookout for any strange smells, and listen for any unusual sounds, such as rattling. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, contact us for service.
  5. Schedule a tune-up – An air conditioning tune-up in the fall? You bet. Fall is actually a great time to get your routine air conditioning maintenance out of the way – especially if you pair up cooling and heating system maintenance into a single service visit. Don’t worry, your tune-up won’t “wear off” before next year – and if you discover the need for a significant A/C repair, there’s plenty of time to order replacement parts – or to install a new, high efficiency cooling system.

Put your air conditioner to bed properly this season with a service visit from the air conditioning experts at the FSi Oil and Propane. Contact us today to learn more!