Are Electric Utilities Environmentally Friendly?

Widespread electrification is considered by some to be the solution to lowering carbon emissions, combatting climate change, and helping pave the way toward a clean-energy future, but is electric power really environmentally friendly? With many Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut homeowners wondering about the most effective ways to reduce their own carbon footprint, electric power may not be the only option available. Our energy experts at FSi Oil and Propane are here to help explain how both propane and Bioheat® fuel can be viable alternatives to electricity for helping to lower harmful carbon emissions in our area. Keep reading to learn how the majority of electric power is produced in the US, its environmental impact, as well as how renewable heating fuels may be exactly the solution that MA and CT residents have been searching for.

How Eco-Friendly is Widespread Electrification?

Despite clean energy initiatives championing electricity as the energy source of the future, many fail to acknowledge that not all electricity is created using renewable methods.

Due to this, electricity generation is the second greatest source of greenhouse gases in the U.S., behind only transportation. agrees that greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels are currently the largest sources for electricity generation. Although widespread electrification is sought after as a clean energy solution, the United States is not yet capable of producing enough electricity from renewable resources to the scale needed to electrify the grid. This means that electricity is not currently an eco-friendly energy source.

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Alternatives to Electric Heating and Power

After learning about the harmful environmental impact of electric power generation, it’s time to consider other options for your home heating and energy needs that you can feel good about using to power your home. The fueling options we offer at FSi Oil and Propane are clean, renewable, and can help you lower your carbon footprint now.

Propane Gas

  • Affordable with a fraction of the operating costs of electric heat
  • Clean burning
  • More reliable than electricity
  • Can power a variety of home appliances
  • Is stored on your property for maximum convenience

Bioheat® Fuel

  • Affordable
  • Made from a recycled, renewable blend of agricultural by-products
  • Nontoxic & nonflammable
  • Reliable power & heat
  • Can work with existing heating oil equipment
  • NO expensive conversions necessary
  • Is stored on property

Before making the expensive decision to convert to fully electric power for your Western MA or Northern CT home, consider a renewable heating fuel from FSi to reduce carbon emissions and help lower your environmental impact today.

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The Environmental Benefits of Propane & Bioheat® Fuel

Lucky for our customers, both Bioheat® fuel and propane offer themselves as realistic and affordable alternatives to combatting the use of fossil fuels in electricity production. According to the Propane Education and Research Council, propane gas is a clean energy source that can help to reduce our carbon emissions immediately.

Additionally, since Bioheat® fuel is made from renewable resources, it is a true low-carbon energy source which is doing its part to help reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. With the strides that the Bioheat® fuel industry is making, the fuel will soon evolve to become 100% carbon neutral.

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FSi Oil and Propane Cares about the Environment

FSi Oil and Propane believes that our neighbors and friends here in the Greater Springfield, MA area should have a choice in how they heat and power their MA & CT homes. Our company is proud to provide renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel and propane delivery to our community. We treat each of our customers with the same level of care, safety, and respect. In addition to our fuel delivery services, we also offer HVAC service and expert installations, water treatment, SmartPay Payment Programs and HVAC Service Plans. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint with one of our environmentally friendly fuels or click here to become a customer today!