Is it time to pull the plug on your water heater?

Helping the Environment is ONE reason…
saving $$ for your family is the other.

energy efficient water heater

Are you curious about a more energy efficient water? With the rare exception of when you’re in the basement or walk by the closet which house it – truly how often do you think about your water heater?  I know for the most part I only consider it when my wife is taking a shower and starts yelling, “There’s no hot water left and I’ve got a head full of shampoo!”  At Fsi Oil and Propane we understand 1,000% that no one has extra time these days, so we found a very quick way for you to determine if it time for you to ditch the old water heater and consider a newer, more efficent propane system.  It’s a simple 5 question quiz (and don’t worry you can’t fail LOL).

Just click here, blink, and you’ll have your answer.

And if the answer is what we think it may be… please learn more here about energy efficient water heaters or give us a call at 413-532-3500 to speak to our Propane Specialist.