Why You Need to Evaluate Your A/C System Now

How did your air conditioner do last year? If you had found yourself cranking up the A/C more frequently to keep cool or noticing higher energy bills, the HVAC experts at FSi Oil and Propane can help! Now is the time to evaluate your home air conditioner to make sure it stays in excellent condition before the temperatures begin to rise here in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. Keep reading to learn how you can assess your cooling system efficiency today.

Are You Ready for Summer Temperatures?

While there’s still have a few weeks of comfortable spring forecasts ahead, now is the perfect time to evaluate your current A/C system to make sure it’s in good working condition for the hotter months ahead. Check out the information below to learn a few ways to check your equipment efficiency and identify if your cooling unit needs an upgrade.

How to Evaluate Your MA or CT Air Conditioner Efficiency

It is always a great idea to check up on your A/C’s performance before summertime. Here are a few things you can do to quickly and easily assess your unit’s efficiency:

1. Monitor your energy bills:

If your energy bills are more expensive during the warmer months, this may indicate declining efficiency in your system.

2. Swap your air filters:

It is essential to replace your dirty air filters every 90 days or so to help keep your HVAC systems working properly.

3. Inspect your thermostat and check the temperature difference:

Double check that your thermostat is calibrated correctly and be sure to upgrade to a new, programmable device with Wi-Fi capabilities for the best results. You can also hold a thermometer to the supply register duct closest to your unit and compare this to the temperature at the larger return vent. If the supply air is at least 15 degrees cooler, your A/C is likely working well, but if not, this is a sign your system needs a tune-up service.

4. Schedule regular maintenance:

To help increase your cooling system’s efficiency and save on energy, it is recommended to get your A/C serviced each year. Luckily, our HVAC technicians at FSi Oil and Propane are experienced in keeping your home comfortable in every season. Book a tune-up with us now to beat the heat!

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your A/C Unit?

Massachusetts and Connecticut residents who have old A/C units are at a much greater risk for mid-season breakdowns, inefficient home cooling, and, worst of all, expensive summer energy bills. Luckily, a new A/C unit installed and properly maintained by the HVAC experts at FSi Oil and Propane can help you solve all of these problems. Our new, efficient central and ductless A/C systems can help you have more comfort in the warmest months of the year, spend less on energy costs, and have greater peace of mind in every season. Does your air conditioner have:

  • Poor, inefficient cooling
  • Aging equipment
  • Risk of breakdowns
  • High summer energy bills

If you’re noticing any of the above signs, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Don’t be unprepared to take on the summer heat. Consider installing a cooling system with FSi today.

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Need an A/C Tune-Up Service? Rely on the HVAC Pros at FSi!

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