Fall Allergies Bringing You Down? Household Tips to Reduce Them

Fall is here and even though it’s getting breezy some of the best autumn activities are outdoors. But is the change in seasons causing your allergies to bring you down? Follow the tips below to find out how to help keep allergens out and make your home more fall-friendly!


Household Tips to Reduce Fall Allergies

  • Clean out parts of your HVAC system. Clearing out vents, emptying ducts, and wiping filters will help clean out debris, dirt, and mold that may be lingering in or around your heating/cooling system. Since damp leaves are a prime place for mold to thrive make sure to clear your gutters too!
  • Take the moisture out. Along with removing any debris, it is important to minimize the amount of moisture in your home. Opening windows (weather permitting) and utilizing dehumidifiers can be two techniques to regulate the air. The humidity needs to be below 60%. Between 35% and 50% is even better¹.
  • Keep it clean. Dabs of dirty soap, like in the bathroom or kitchen for example, are breeding grounds for bacteria and grime. Making sure to wipe up or dry these spots is key to keeping your house truly clean.
  • Filter your air. Contact your heat provider and ask them to refresh or install high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. They are specifically designed to keep airborne allergens out.


With a little attention and care, it’s easy to reduce the risk of having your home!





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