Fsi Oil and Propane, an Environmental Partner to the Neighborhoods We Serve

At Fsi Oil and Propane, we make the communities we serve cleaner and greener for today and future generations. One of the ways we do it is by delivering propane to our customers throughout Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. Recently, Fsi Oil and Propane President Steve Chase spoke with WWLP about why propane is the most environmentally friendly home heating fuel available. Check out the video below:


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In the video above, Steve explains that propane “doesn’t have the methane that natural gas has. A lot of people think that gas is a clean product. It is, unless it leaks and if it leaks and gets in the air, it is worse for the environment than anything else.”

Propane isn’t the only environmentally friendly fuel we offer. We also deliver
B5 Ultra Clean Heating Oil, a blend of 95 percent Ultra-low sulfur heating oil, 5 percent renewable biodiesel, and UltraGuard™ Advanced Fuel Treatment. We began delivering B5 Ultra Clean in October 2016. Within a year we had delivered more than 150,000 gallons of pure biofuel, which reduced carbon dioxide emissions by a staggering 2.82 million pounds!


Whether you heat your home with propane or our B5 Ultra Clean Heating Oil, you’re doing a service to the environment, and as your environmental partner, we’re proud to help. Contact us today to learn more about heating your home with propane or B5 Ultra Clean or to place an order.