Fsi Oil and Propane Partners With Western Mass News and Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad For Deserving Woman

This week, we were honored and excited to be a part of surprising a local woman with heat for her home. After defeating cancer, she has had problems paying for necessities like heat for her home and family. Working four jobs, she always seem to have time to help others. She’s simply amazing. Partnering with Lia Auto Group and Western Mass News allowed us to give back and help a member of our community.

Excerpt from Western Mass News:

Overcoming the hardships of cancer, a local Springfield woman works four jobs to try and keep up with her bills. As a way to turn things around, our Western Mass News and Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad is stepping in to ease the burden by heating her home on this cold spring day. “She works hard, she’s struggling.  I don’t wanna see her struggle like this,” said Leon Johnson.

Johnson wrote to our Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, asking to help his good friend Letitia Ewing with her oil bill.