How To Prepare For Heating Oil Delivery Day

fuel delivery massachusettsOur propane and heating oil teams are out every day, delivering fuel to keep families safe and warm throughout the winter – but on some days, especially during severe weather, we can really use your help.

Please keep our crews safe and productive by making the following preparations in advance of our arrival on delivery day – particularly during and in the aftermath of severe winter weather.

  1. Clear a path to your fill pipe or fill vent – Try to keep at least an 18-inch wide path to your fill pipe or fill vent clear of snow, ice and debris so our team can reach your tank easy and safely. If you have a propane tank, mark the fill vent with a tall flag so our crews can easily spot it in heavy or drifting snow.
  2. Keep your driveway clear – If delivering fuel to your home requires our crew to access your driveway to fill your fuel tank, please shovel and de-ice the roadway so they can navigate it safely, keeping in mind that our trucks are wider than your car.
  3. Keep gates unlocked – If access to your tank requires our crew to enter through a gate, please make sure it is unlocked on delivery day – or make sure someone is home to let our crew in.
  4. Keep your pets under control – We want to deliver your heating oil or propane, but we want to do it safely for both our drivers and your pets. Please be sure your pets are secured on delivery day.
  5. Be reachable – Make sure an adult is accessible on delivery day, preferably by cell phone or in person; If something unexpected happens that needs your immediate attention, our delivery team will need to contact you.

Thanks for helping the experts at FSi keep our customers safe, warm, and satisfied with reliable, on-time heating oil and propane delivery in western Massachusetts. Our drivers appreciate your consideration! Not an FSi customer yet? Contact us today to join the FSi family!