How To Properly Remove & Store Your Window AC Before Winter

Fall is here. Temperatures are dropping. Environmentalists and weathermen alike are unveiling their forecasts for an upcoming freezing winter. And as autumn activities begin to appear homeowners are faced with something much less festive – taking out and storing their ACs. Make sure to properly remove and store your AC unit this fall to avoid any unpleasant surprises next summer.


What Can Happen If You Don’t Properly Remove and Store Your Window AC?

Each year countless amounts of Americans neglect to remove their window AC before the fall. Not only do they risk seriously damaging the cooling unit but they are also welcoming a well-below-average winter.

If you don’t properly take it out (or take it out at all)…

  • Risk damaging your AC

If you fail to remove your AC it is more than likely that you will damage the equipment. For example, water freezing on the coils is a common problem in the winter. If you neglect to remove your AC carefully you risk breaking its parts. If the parts become bent proper airflow can be blocked.


  • Negatively affect the temperature of your home

Failing to remove your AC with care allows for cold air to creep its way inside. Warm air can escape through cracks in the window frame and seals forcing your heating to work extra resulting in higher costs.


If you don’t properly store it…

  • Cleaning your equipment is a vital part in preserving the duration and quality of its standard lifespan. Dirty or clogged filters can not only block the flow of air but also result in excess moisture or spread soot throughout your home.
  • Neglecting to keep your AC unit and its parts dry OR storing it in a place that is damp can result in mold and mildew.



How To Properly Remove Your Window AC

  1. Unplug from wall
  2. Remove and clean filter
  3. Wash the inside components
  4. Remove any sealant such as tape, screws, etc
  5. Open window and remove (carefully!)
  6. Wash outside/back of unit
  7. Make sure entire unit (especially filter) is completely dry
  8. Put back into original packaging
  9. Store in an upright position in a dry place


Tips for Storing Your Window AC

  • Take a bit of time to clean your AC before putting it away in storage. This includes the filters, coils, fins, drains, and seals. These fundamental parts require regular maintenance to ensure the cooling unit is running efficiently and effectively. Neglect or failure to properly inspect, clean, and maintain these features will result in not only a steadily decline of performance but also an increase in household airborne pollution and germs.
  • Store your AC in an upright position. Prevent damage from pressure on its compressor and lets the oil remain in proper place. If you have to store your AC on its side make sure to sit it in an upright position for 1-2 hours before powering it on for the season. This gives the oil a chance to settle it its place.
  • Avoid storing your AC in an area that animals such as small rodents can reach. Not only will these critters try to nest inside the unit but they may chew through the wires in their attempt.


Seems Like A Lot of Work, Doesn’t It?

It takes quite a bit of legwork (literally) to properly maintain, remove, and store your cooling unit. Don’t spend the last bright days inside wrestling with your AC. You and your family can mark off those fun, fall activities while Fsi Oil and Propane does the work!