Important News – We Are Not Closing



A local competitor of ours is DELIBERATELY MISLEADING and misinforming consumers into believing that we are going out of business, and as a result are scaring consumers into signing a contract with them.

We don’t know why they are doing this! Perhaps they are afraid of losing customers due to the recent introduction of our premium Bio Heating Oil, B5 Ultra Clean. B5 Ultra Clean is a heating oil that doesn’t cost you any more than regular heating oil and is much cleaner for your heating system and the environment.

We continue to receive rave reviews from consumers and recognition from the Better Business Bureau and were recently named a finalist for the 2016 BBB Torch Award! Businesses that are failing DO NOT get that kind of recognition!

We won’t specifically name the company responsible, but their business name begins with a K. DO NOT BE DUPED by these dishonest and misinformed people!

We are currently in contact with our legal team and local officials to put an IMMEDIATE stop to this practice.

We have been around for many years, and will continue to be here to service our customers for many more! We continue to be this area’s leading Heating Oil, Propane, HVAC and Plumbing provider!

Finally, we invite anyone who deals with this company to give US a try… and WE WON’T make you sign a contract either!