Indoor Summer Activities For Kids – Part 2


As Summer continues, we want to keep passing along some of our favorite activities for the kids when it gets a bit too hot outside. Be the hero this summer with these additional five indoor Summer activities:


Arts & Craft

Kids and adults can both enjoy having a nice craft day in the cool AC. Bring out all the art supplies and have everyone make their own artwork. Depending on the time you are hosting the arts and craft, you can have the kids create decorations for bbqs, summer parties, holidays, and more. It’s a great opportunity to get their creativity out, as well as displaying their works of art.


Plastic Bottle Bowling

This is a fun activity that can be a part of arts and crafts! A great way to keep the entertain the kids while you can get some work done. Be sure to put the game in a room where it is safe to play.


Write a book!

Think mad libs, but much bigger! This is a fun way for you to spend time together. You can start the book by crafting a sentence, then having your child write the next one. Keep going until you have a full story. Then you can illustrate it together. This could be a fun activity that would last hours.


Make Your Own Coloring Book

This is a fun way to take some family photos and create them into coloring sheets. You can create theme coloring sheets to color in i.e. birthday. Learn exactly how to make your own coloring book! If cannot make your own, you can simply print premade coloring sheets online.


Make A Bird Feeder

This activity is great and gives the kids an opportunity for them to build something themselves. Get the creative juices flowing and design the feeder. And then, after all their hard work, they will be able view their feeder being used all summer long!

Being “stuck” indoors during the summer doesn’t have to be a bore. Show your kids how fun you can be in the nice, cooled home. If you have any questions on HVAC or cooling your home, contact us today!