Will the MA Clean Heat Standard Raise Taxes?

By now you most likely have heard about the MA Clean Heat Standard, a new climate policy that has been proposed in order to push for more widespread electrification for home heating here in Massachusetts. At its core, this new legislation has the goal of lowering carbon emissions in our state by way of heavily regulating residents’ access to other heating options and fuels. Unfortunately, this will cause a significant rise in prices for even renewable heating fuel options such as the propane and Bioheat® fuel provided by FSi Oil and Propane. Keep reading to learn exactly how the MA Clean Heat Standard will impact Massachusetts residents’ wallets and taxes, as well as what you can do today to help prevent this policy from becoming the state standard.

The Hidden Cost of the MA Clean Heat Standard

Although the proposed policy in the MA Clean Heat Standard will not directly impose a tax on heating fuels such as propane and Bioheat® fuel, it will however cause local propane and Bioheat® fuel delivery companies like FSi Oil & Propane to pay a significant fee to continue to provide these fuels to our customers. Due to this, the prices for heating oil and propane will begin to rise, making it more difficult for heating fuel customers in Massachusetts to continue to access their preferred home heating fuels at affordable rates.

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How Will the CHS Affect Propane & Bioheat® Fuel Users in Massachusetts?

Unfortunately, enactment of the Clean Heat Standard will dramatically affect homeowners and business owners in Massachusetts who are currently using propane and heating oil, as well as renewable blends like Bioheat® fuel. As the program aims to encourage widespread electrification, the availability of and support for heating oil and other delivered fuels will decrease steadily in conjunction with the movement’s momentum.

Due to the Clean Heat Standard’s policy, fuel companies like FSi Oil and Propane, as well as other local Massachusetts fuel providers, will be charged significant fees that would go towards promoting electrification. As a result, fuel customers may experience significantly increased fuel costs, a loss of access to fuel in the quantities they need, and face pressure to replace their heating systems with electric heat pumps which can be incredibly costly and unreliable.

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Propane & Bioheat® Fuel Should be a Part of the Clean Energy Solution

At FSi Oil and Propane, we care greatly for the environment. Over the years, we have been proud to develop our Propane and Bioheat® fuel products, which have gotten cleaner burning with every year. We believe that Propane and Bioheat® fuel should be a part of the Clean Energy solution in Massachusetts. Consumers need real choices that can help reduce carbon with immediate impact, and propane and Bioheat® fuel are available and ready to do just that.

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Help Protect Your Access to Affordable Home Heating Fuels Today!

We believe that MassDEP and your state representatives should not be deciding the type of energy you use in your home, nor should they be removing fuel sources that contribute to decarbonization efforts from the Clean Energy Solution. Your voice needs to be heard! Use the form on this page to email your local state officials to let them know you are opposed to the Clean Heat Standard becoming a policy in Massachusetts without the inclusion of low-carbon propane and Bioheat® fuel.