What Are The Benefits Of A Mini-Split Heat Pump?

ductless a/c massachusettsYou may have seen a ductless mini-split system in a local restaurant – those long cooling units, usually hung above a doorway or high on a wall. But did you know those ductless systems can also be used for home heating?

A ductless mini-split heat pump is a great and efficient way to keep your home comfortable year-round – whether as a primary source of heating and cooling in a home that lacks existing ductwork or as a supplement to your furnace or A/C.

How A Mini-Split System Works

All ductless mini-split systems include two components – an air handler (the indoor unit) and a condenser (the outdoor unit), connected by a thin pipe installed through an exterior wall. A single condenser can operate up to four air handlers, creating an efficient zone heating and cooling system in your home.

A ductless heat pump system works by using heat exchanger coils to move warm air from one location to another. During winter, for example, your heat pump draws warm air from outside your home to increase temperatures inside; during the summer, the heat pump reverses the process, expelling warm air from your home.

Key Benefits

Mini-split heat pumps are a big step up from window air conditioners and portable space heaters, providing economical comfort that can be targeted to specific spaces in your home. But the benefits of a mini-split heat pump aren’t limited to energy savings. Ductless heat pump systems are also:

  • Easy to install – Ductless systems can be installed quickly and cost effectively just about anywhere in your house, including in new home additions and rooms with no windows. All it takes is a narrow pipe to connect your indoor wall unit to your outdoor heat pump, requiring a three-inch hole through an external wall.
  • Flexible – Several indoor wall units can be operated from a single outdoor unit, giving you the ability to size match your system to the heating or cooling load of each room and provide a cost-efficient whole-house solution.
  • Healthier – Since there are no ducts in a mini-split system, harmful microorganisms and other allergens can’t grow and thrive – a big advantage for your health, especially in homes where people suffer from respiratory ailments.
  • Unobtrusive – In addition to being whisper quiet, a mini-split won’t take away your window view, or be an eyesore in your living space. Most can be tucked on a back wall or above important sight lines in your room.

Want to keep your heating and cooling bills low while staying as comfortable as possible? Consider upgrading your space heaters and window A/Cs to a multi-function ductless mini-split heat pump from FSi. Contact us today to learn about MASS SAVE® rebates on heat pumps and discuss ductless mini-split installations in Greater Springfield, MA!