Avoid Wrong Turns — use propane appliances

It’s amazing how many different ways you can use propane. It’s a super-versatile fuel that
can power fireplaces, clothes dryers, outdoor grills, space heaters, water heaters, generators, and more. Of course, a propane furnace or propane boiler can heat your entire home as well. Truly, propane is energy for everyone.

Because propane burns hot and clean, propane-powered appliances can reach efficiency ratings well into the 90% range. Propane will outperform its electric counterparts in just about any home comfort application.

When you use propane appliances in your home, you’re going to see savings. Because propane is such an efficient fuel, your energy expenses will go down and you’ll be getting even better value and comfort than you get from other heating sources.

If you’d like more information about how you can benefit from propane, please contact us. Our propane experts will be happy to give you great advice and friendly assistance.