“Electrify Everything” Is Not the Answer

Dear Friends,

It’s disturbing that many local and state governments, including in Massachusetts, are rushing ahead on an “electrify everything” path to reducing carbon emissions. We agree that aggressive steps must be taken to address climate change — and we’re doing that! Our company has invested a lot in converting our fuel from traditional heating oil to ultra-low-sulfur Bioheat® fuel. This highly refined fuel burns more cleanly, with many fewer carbon emissions.

Here’s the big problem: However wellintentioned the “all-electric” movement is, it is relying on breakthroughs that do not yet exist — for an electric grid that is already unreliable. Every year, we have to suffer through power outages, usually caused by overwhelming demand or damage to the electric grid. Consider what will happen when the grid is taxed by huge new demand caused by the conversion of cars, buildings, homes and more.

Alternatively, we, and others in the liquid fuels industry, continue to offer a solution that immediately and dramatically reduces each customer’s carbon footprint without regressive taxes, additional equipment costs to consumers or overloading the electric grid. We need thoughtful policy that balances the need to address the climate without putting all of our energy eggs into one fragile basket.

Stephan C. Chase