How Clean Is Your Drinking Water?

If you’re using municipal water right out of the faucet, you’re drinking chlorinated water — and bathing in it too. All municipal water systems use chlorine for health purposes.

Plus, your unfiltered home water, even if it has come from the water treatment plant in your municipality, can be filled with many contaminants and toxins, including lead.

If you invest in a water filtration system, however, you can eliminate such impurities and rest easier knowing that your family now has access to clean, healthy drinking water.

FSi offers several types of home water filtration systems, including reverse-osmosis, activated-carbon, cation-exchange and whole-house carbon filters. (We can perform a water-quality test that will let us recommend the best system for you.)

We also install water softeners — often known as ion-exchange systems — which change the chemistry of your water to reduce mineralization and prevent future hard-water issues.

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