Looking to Save on Heating?

Dear Valued Customer,

The winter of 2022-2023 is finally here! With the holiday celebrations well underway and the New Year right around the corner, we are excited to be serving you with reliable fuel delivery and expert heating service for another winter season. No matter how cold the temperatures drop here in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, you can count on our hardworking team at FSi Oil and Propane to deliver the ultimate level of comfort and convenience to your home.

As the chilly weather rages on, we’re all thinking about the best way to save during the heating season. You can rest assured that FSi  is doing everything we can to secure the best possible heating oil and propane rates for our valued customers. With the heating oil market facing unfortunate inflation, we acknowledge that have very little control over fuel prices but are working our hardest to help our customers save by offering valuable price-reducing opportunities to keep heating your home as affordable as possible. Keep reading this newsletter to learn more about our cost-saving propane conversion services, convenient automatic oil delivery, propane heating benefits, as well as learn a new seasonal recipe that’s perfect for warming up this winter season.

If you would like to schedule service with FSi Oil and Propane or request fuel delivery, please visit FSiOilandPropane.com Or give us a call at (413) 532-3500 to get started. Our family is here to keep yours safe and comfortable this season.

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FSi Oil and Propane

The Top Benefits of Propane

If you are considering adding propane as a supplemental or primary fuel source for your home, our expert staff is available to assist you carefully and professionally. Our certified FSi technicians are experienced in performing complete propane heating installations seamlessly to ensure comfortable, safe, and reliable propane fuel for your home heating or to power appliances like cooking stoves, clothes dryers, or pool heaters for even more comfort and convenience in your Western Massachusetts or Connecticut home.

6 Reason to Make the Switch

  1. Longevity: Propane furnaces last up to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps.
  2. Safety: Strict safety codes and equipment testing help to keep your property protected.
  3. Eco-Friendliness: Propane is a clean, non-toxic fuel and is not considered a greenhouse gas.
  4. Savings: Upgrading from older propane heating equipment to a modern system can save you up to 40% on annual fuel costs if you heat with the fuel.
  5. Value: Whether you use oil or propane to heat your home and hot water, propane can be used independent of heating for indoor cooking, outdoor grilling, clothes drying, pool heating, fueling fireplace inserts, powering generators, and more.
  6. Peace of Mind: FSi can track your propane fuel usage and deliver your tank refills automatically, right when you need them, so you can worry less about scheduling your deliveries.

Get started today on your new propane installation by visiting us online at FSiOilandPropane.com or giving us a call at (413) 532-3500.

Switch to Propane

Tired of stressing about kerosene or oil prices each winter season? FSI can help you save on your heating costs by upgrading your system to a new, energy-efficient propane heating system.

Affordable and Efficient

As kerosene and oil prices rise, propane rates remain under half the cost per gallon to heat your home. As one of the most efficient, affordable, and clean burning fuels available on the market, propane can heat your home and power your appliances for less!

Trust our Propane Conversion Experts

You can count on us to handle your new cost-saving propane heating investment. We offer affordable installation financing, fuel budget plans, & price protection opportunities for our propane customers. To learn more about how propane can save you, visit us online at FSiOilandPropane.com or give us a call at (413) 532-3500 to learn more.

Save Time & Add Convenience with FREE Automatic Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Bioheat® fuel is clean-burning, non-toxic, and non-explosive, making it a great option for homeowners looking to maximize the lifespan and energy efficiency of their existing oil-heating equipment; no expensive modifications required! Plus, FSi delivers Bioheat® oil on an automatic delivery schedule so you can worry less about frequently monitoring your tank and calling to order fuel. Our prediction technology calculated your predicted fuel needs based on your past usage and upcoming weather patterns to determine exactly when you’ll need a refill. Call to enroll today at no additional cost!

Added Benefits of Automatic Delivery

  • Receive discounted service rates
  • Qualify for valuable upgraded service protection
  • Spread heating costs into equal payments with SmartPay

If for any reason you run out of fuel as an automatic delivery customer, we will promptly fill your tank, restart your burner at no charge, and give you a $25 gift card toward dinner FREE.*

*Restrictions may apply