Plenty of Hot Water, Plenty of Savings

Tankless water heaters fueled by propane have become very popular with our customers because they double down on efficiency and savings. These compact units heat water on demand—rather than keeping gallons of water hot in a tank, which just wastes energy and money.

Most tankless units hang on a wall and are about the size of a small suitcase. Perhaps best of all, they will last about twice as long as a standard electric storage tank water heater.

Save up to $900 on a new propane water heater with Mass Save and Rinnai rebates!

If you replace your old electric water heater with a propane tankless unit, your water heating efficiency can improve up to 40% and you’ll have access to unlimited amounts of hot water. You won’t have to worry about the water tank draining and then having to refill and reheat.

Click the Plumbing link to read more about water heaters. Don’t forget to ask about current Mass Save water heater rebates that can save you up to $800 on your purchase. If you install a Rinnai tankless water heater, you can claim an additional $100 manufacturer’s rebate!