Summer 2023 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer,

Now that the warm weather is here to stay, our FSi Oil and Propane team is excited to support our local communities during the summer months. As your local full-service provider, we aim to bring you top-notch home comfort services—such as your annual system tune-ups—at a price you’ll love. With expert equipment installations and service for your air conditioning and heating systems, you can count on FSi for your energy needs all year long.

In this newsletter, we discuss the MA Clean Heat Standard and the action you must take right now to ensure your voice is heard regarding your energy choice. At FSi, we care deeply for the environment and believe that propane and Bioheat® fuel should be a part of the Clean Energy solution. We’ve been delivering Bioheat® fuel since 2006, and we continue to improve our low carbon fuels every year. Additionally, we are excited to announce that we’ll begin delivering renewable propane this fall, which is even cleaner than traditional propane. Be sure to let your state representatives know that you want propane and Bioheat® fuel to be a part of the MA Clean Heat Standard.

This season, we want to extend the warmest thanks to our loyal customers. Your continued support of FSi Oil and Propane means we can help protect your home, and the environment, with the responsiveness, dedication, and professionalism you deserve year after year. In need of reliable ductless or central A/C installations, fuel delivery, or to book your annual system tune-up? Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll set you up with an initial consultation and visit your home for an accurate estimate.

Warm regards,

Steve Chase, President

Level Up Your Outdoor Living with Propane Appliances

Propane Can Fuel Your Perfect Summer

There is a lot of time ahead of us to enjoy the relaxing evenings outdoors. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Make the most of this summer by powering your outdoor backyard experience with propane.

Top Outdoor Propane Uses

There are several great ways to use this versatile gas in your outdoor living space that you’ll be wishing you installed sooner. Experience all that the season has to offer with outdoor propane appliances:

  • Outdoor Burners
  • Fire Pit Tables
  • Patio Heaters
  • Heated Pools/Hot Tubs

Make the most of your backyard experience with these propane appliances by getting in touch with us to get a propane delivery or tank installation today!

Clean Burning, Less Mess, and More Fun with Propane

Get the party started with the touch of a button. Propane fire pits come with features like remote start and don’t have the high maintenance that comes with operating traditional outdoor fireplace or firepit tables.

Keep Cool All Summer Long

We Install Energy Efficient Ductless Mini-Splits & Central Air Conditioning

At FSi, we sell and install central A/C systems, heat pumps and mini-splits to help keep your home comfortable year after year. Don’t let your old systems cause you discomfort or high energy costs when you can install a new, energy-efficient model with our expert team of HVAC technicians today!

Remember to Get Your System Tune-Up This Year

Already have an A/C system installed in your home? Boost efficiency, reduce your risk of a mid-season breakdown, and give your family members the cool comfort they deserve with an annual tune-up.

Scheduling an Annual Tune-Up Offers a Whole Host of Perks:

  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces your energy costs
  • Helps you avoid potential system malfunctions
  • Extends equipment lifestyle
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Maintains warranty

Contact us now to schedule your spring air conditioning or heating system tune-up with your favorite local home comfort experts here at FSi Oil & Propane!

Summer Energy-Saving Tips

  • Get a Programmable Thermostat: Switching from a manual to a programmable thermostat can help you save on your energy bills. Set the indoor temperature higher during periods when you’re not home or at night to conserve energy.
  • Seal Drafts: Make sure you caulk those cracks and air leaks around your doorways and windows to keep the hot air from coming in (and prevent cool air from escaping). Doing so can save you on your annual energy costs!
  • Schedule an A/C Tune-Up: Annual maintenance on your A/C system can do wonders for your energy bills. Help your system run at its maximum efficiency, keeping your home cool with less energy.
  • Get Grilling: Cooking in your oven can throw off quite a bit of extra heat. Opt to cook your family dinner outside on a propane grill instead.

How Should You Heat Your Home?

Electric Labor Shortages & Rising Costs Have Us Reconsidering Our Energy Options

With climate law putting pressure on homes to switch to electric power, we want to offer a renewable and eco-friendly alternative that won’t break the bank. Both Bioheat® fuel and propane are renewable, affordable, and reliable home fueling options that are helping to lower carbon emissions now.

Eco-Friendly Bioheat® Fuel and Propane Heating Systems Give You a Choice

At FSi Oil and Propane, we believe you should have a choice in how you heat your home. Local fuel providers like us offer greater reliability and more assured access to expert home comfort services when you need them most.

Why Thinking About a New Heating System Now Makes Sense

Is your heating system due for an upgrade? Don’t settle for an aging, lackluster system that’s costing you extra in fuel and operating costs. Get ahead of the rush by installing a new, high-efficiency heating system with the HVAC experts at FSi Oil and Propane today and start saving in the seasons to come!

A New Furnace or Boiler Installation Will:

  • Increase your home’s value
  • Provide you with the highest efficiency possible
  • Reduce your risk of needing emergency heating service
  • Give your family total peace of mind

Heard Horror Stories about Gas Stoves?

Take Gas Stove Headlines with a Grain of Salt

You’ve probably seen stories in the news recently about the potential dangers of gas stoves, and how some believe they can be bad for your health. The team at FSi Oil & Propane knows that many of our customers rely on gas stoves as a reliable and consistent way to prepare meals and we’re here to reassure you that propane gas stovetops offer a significant benefit for health, safety, and overall reliability, when compared to their natural gas counterparts.

Not All Gas is Created Equal

Propane is considered an eco-friendly and low-carbon alternative to natural gas. In addition to that, propane stovetops, unlike natural gas ones, have not been shown to contain any significant amount of benzene.

Rely on our FSi Technicians for Expert Propane Maintenance & Service

With our team servicing your equipment and keeping you up-to-date on the latest propane safety procedures, you can worry less about operating a propane gas stovetop in your home.

Need reliable propane services from our experienced team of home comfort professionals? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (413)532-3500.

Hurry & Get a Summer Fuel-Up

Protect Your Heating Systems from Damage for the Seasons to Come

Don’t let your fuel tank get low during the warm summer season. Protect your oil tank against corrosion and damage by ensuring it stays fueled-up and ready for the first chilly day of fall. Plus, beat the heating rush and secure the lowest fuel rates of the year when you opt for a fuel delivery from FSi Oil and Propane today.

Looking to Simplify Your Fuel Deliveries? Opt for Automatic Delivery

We use a sophisticated monitoring system to track your fuel usage and accurately predict your heating oil and propane needs based on weather patterns.