Treat Your Water Right

With most of us spending more time at home these days — and using more water as a result — it makes a lot of sense to ensure that your water quality remains as healthy as possible.

FSi Oil and Propane has a plumbing division too, and we install and service high-quality water-purification systems that guarantee you clean drinking water. The equipment is easy to use and usually requires only minimal maintenance once it’s up and running.

FSi offers several types of home water-filtration systems, including reverse osmosis, activated carbon, cation-exchange and whole-house carbon filters. (We can perform a water quality test that will let us recommend the best system for you.)

We also install water-softening systems — also known as ion-exchange systems — which change the chemistry of your water to reduce mineralization and prevent future hard-water issues.

Adding a water softener is an investment in your home and prevents costly problems. Once minerals build up inside pipes, fixtures and appliances, they can cause problems from reduced water flow and clogs to increased stress on pipes and fixtures. Scale (a coating of minerals) can also cause appliances (like your water heater) to wear out faster.

Visit the plumbing page or go to to learn more about our water-treatment systems.