Get Summer Savings with More Propane Home Appliances

Did you know propane appliances last longer than those powered by other fuels? Not only is propane an eco-friendly fuel, but the appliances are longer lasting, making them friendly on your wallet too! Considering purchasing new propane appliances for your home? Let us help you with summer savings!

We’re offering a $250 credit for each propane appliance purchased and installed by FSi Oil & Propane! You also may be eligible for an FSi account credit* for propane appliances purchased elsewhere.  

*Exclusions apply. Contact us for eligibility. 



Get a $250 credit on each propane appliance purchased and installed by FSi

Mention promo code: PROPANE2023

Expires 8/31/23. Valid for propane appliances purchased and installed by FSi Oil and Propane. Contact us for eligibility if appliance is purchased elsewhere. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot retroactively apply to any previous installations. 

Gas Grills

Space/Patio Heaters

Fire Pits


Backyard Swimming Pool

Pool Heaters

Water Heaters

Fire Places


Hot Tubs

Washers & Dryers

Save Even More

A variety of clean-energy rebates and financing opportunities await you. After combining those with our coupon, your propane installation can save you even more. This is a great time to invest in your property and reap many benefits.


Put Your Tax Return to Good Use

It’s tax season, and that means your family may experience a windfall. Why not invest it in the comfort and enjoyment you find in your property? Propane is versatile, safe, and abundant in the United States. And propane appliances last longer so they’re a great investment. Plus, it’s a domestic fuel, which means you support American businesses by using it.

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