The (Propane) Connection Between Your Home and Grill

The summer calls for grilling with propane, the fuel of choice for many barbecue enthusiasts. That could be because propane heats up quickly, with a flame that burns at 2,500 BTU per cubic feet, as compared to natural gas, which burns at just 1,000 BTU per cubic feet. If you have a propane storage tank on your property, it makes sense to connect all of your favorite propane-fueled outdoor appliances to your home’s supply as well.

With a Propane Grill connected to your home supply, there is no risk of running out of fuel in the middle of a barbecue. Not only that but bringing your empty propane cylinder to be refilled or replaced is no longer necessary – especially with an automatic delivery program through your full-service fuel dealer. Plus, having all of your propane stored in one location makes tracking easier with only one gauge to read. Connecting the additional appliance shouldn’t put much-added strain on your home supply, as it can support much greater demand than the typical 20 lb. propane cylinder (which only holds 4.7 gallons), and usually lasts well beyond summer.

The process of connecting a propane grill to your home supply isn’t necessarily difficult. However, to achieve proper pressurization and protect your property you may want to hire a professional to make the connection. Quick connect/disconnect systems are also available, allowing you to move your grill into a shed during the winter and easily reconnect it during the summer.

Fsi Oil and Propane specializes in propane services, including automatic delivery, tank installation, and system maintenance. If you have any questions or wish to start receiving propane on an automatic basis, contact us today.