What Is A Propane Gas Log Set?

propane log sets massachusettsEveryone loves the hypnotic glow of a home hearth. The problem – at least if you have a traditional wood burning fireplace – is how much effort it takes to get just a few hours of relaxation. But what if you could enjoy that same relaxing, hypnotic glow with just the click of a remote?

With propane gas logs, you can.

Propane Gas Log Basics And Benefits

A propane gas log set is basically a decorative appliance that gets installed within your existing fireplace mantle.

In vented gas log sets, which burn hotter with a higher flame, exhaust is emitted outside your home through a vent pipe or flue; in a vent-free model, flames are smaller, which means that exhaust emissions are significantly less (vent-free gas log sets are usually used to create ambiance rather than heat).

Why choose a propane gas log set? Consider these great benefits:

  • Simplicity – With gas logs, you get the roaring fire without the chopping, splinters, and ash. Just push a button on a remote and your fire is up and ready to go.
  • Beauty – Today’s realistic hand-painted logs are a thing of beauty – a far cry yesterday’s obviously artificial models. Choose from a variety of looks that mimic oak, birch, and more.
  • Safety – With gas logs, you’ll have no more flying sparks, rolling logs, or dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney. If properly cared for, low-maintenance gas logs are a very safe way to add additional heat to your home
  • Savings – Running a gas log set is a significantly more efficient option than burning wood, so your bills will be lower for the same number of hours of operation. You’ll also eliminate chimney cleaning, saving even more money.
  • Eco benefits – Compared to wood burning, clean-burning propane emits far fewer particulates and less CO2 – good for your health, good for the planet.

Not using your fireplace as often as you’d like to because of set up and cleanup hassles? A set of propane gas logs could be just what you need. Contact FSi today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on vented and vent-free propane fireplace installations in western MA!