Propane Gas Winter Safety Tips

The National Propane Gas Association is advising those who use propane gas to fuel their homes and businesses to read these tips to help protect your family in the winter. Taking heed to these simple steps will not only keep you warm, but keeps your family and your fuel technician safe!


Remember that fuel trucks are very big (take a look at our newest model below!) so you must clear at least 12 feet worth of space for us to fit. Also, please shovel a visible path to your fill line so our technicians can access it safely. All snow, debris, and obstacles should be cleared from regulators, regulator vents, piping, tubing, valves, vents, chimneys, and flues.


Regular Deliveries

One of the most proactive things you can do to prepare for winter weather is to enroll in a regularly or automatic delivery program. With Fsi Oil and Propane, you’ll never have to worry about home heating oil deliveries with our technology-based software program that predicts each home’s individual fuel consumption patterns. It is an easy, safe, and reliable way to remain warm and worry-free!


For a brief video on Winter Propane Safety Tips brought to you by WWLP, click here!