Propane Safety: Things you should know and procedures.

Propane is a dependable fuel that has a long-standing history of safety and is highly regulated. Propane is naturally odorless and colorless, but agencies require an added odorant for detection in the case a leak occurs.
When it comes to propane, safety is a top priority. Here are some facts you should know:

  • Colds, allergies, and smoking are among the many factors that can affect your ability to smell an odor.
  • Propane is denser than air, causing leaks to accumulate at lower level floors.
  • Exposure to certain stone materials may lessen the effectiveness of the odorant.
  • Competing odors can mask the odor of propane.
  • The strength of the odor, does not signal the severance of the leak. Any smell of gas is a signal of a serious leak

If you do suspect a gas leak, follow these emergency safety procedures:

  • Do not turn any devices ON or OFF. This includes light switches, phones, computers, flashlights or appliances.
  • Immediately instruct all inhabitants to leave the home or commercial building.
  • Do not try to find the source of the leak.
  • Use a phone or cell phone outside of the building or area that the propane was detected and notify Fsi Oil and Propane.
  • If the propane is detected outside, move upwind from the detection location and call Fsi Oil and Propane and/or your local fire department.