Using Propane to Power Your Home Appliances

Did you know that propane can power your daily routine? As a Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut homeowner, you likely know how propane can fuel your home heating needs during the cooler months, but the applications for propane gas are far more plentiful than just heating your indoor spaces. As one of the most reliable, safe, eco-friendly, and stable energy resources, propane is a versatile and reliable fuel source that you can use to affordably power your indoor and outdoor home appliances. Keep reading to learn our top six uses for propane, so you can begin implementing them into your regular daily routine.

Top Six Propane Uses for Home Appliances in Massachusetts

We at FSi Oil and Propane are here to let you know how propane can help power your daily routine. From hot showers to delicious home cooking, outdoor grilling, fresh laundry, cozy lighting, and emergency power, propane is an affordable, accessible fuel source for all of your appliance energy needs.

Energy for Cooking, Baking, and Grilling

Your kitchen appliances and cooking equipment can be powered by dependable propane energy. There’s a reason that many MA and CT households prefer propane over other energy sources for kitchen appliance heating. Enjoy faster, more efficient, and reliable heating for cooking when you switch to propane to power your kitchen and cooking appliances.

Are Your Laundry Machines Running Well?

It has happened to all of us—an underperforming laundry machine leaving clothes stained and stale. Propane provides an outstanding alternative. Your washing machine water will warm up evenly and reliably. Additionally, you’ll have a seamless dryer experience. Propane’s predictability means a stable drying experience that better protects your clothing and linens.

Dependable Energy for Your Stove, Fireplace, and More

Have you found that the winter heating season can be a bit costly? With heating costs rising, it’s normal for our residents here in New England to rely on secondary heating sources to get through the winter—sources like fireplaces, stoves, and heaters to warm up without switching on the heat. If wasting electricity, money, and wood burning is an inconvenience, propane can be the most affordable solution. Propane is a safe, dependable, economical, and eco-friendly power alternative. Your home appliances, such as your stove, fireplace, radiator, and more, can be converted to propane as a more cost-effective energy source to warm your home.

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Hassle-Free Hot Water? Try Propane!

Enjoy hot showers, clean dishes, and the sanitation a reliable hot water source can provide for your home. Regardless of whether you use a water storage tank, propane can provide clean, efficient, and reliable heating for your hot water needs. Say goodbye to expensive electrical heating when you switch to propane to power your most basic daily routines.

Powering an Emergency Power Generator

Safety first! With unpredictable Massachusetts weather and harsh winter storms, it’s not out of the question that our homes might be temporarily out of power when the electrical grid fails. In these scenarios, an emergency propane-powered generator can be the best solution. Switching to a propane generator as a backup emergency energy source can help reduce your anxiety over rough weather when you rely on this affordable and clean energy source for your generator.

Energize Your Year-Round Outdoor Fun

No matter the time of year, propane can help power your outdoor activities. From cozy outdoor lighting to patio heaters, lawn appliances, outdoor grills and barbeques, or even your hot tub, propane provides a cleaner, safer alternative to other fuels for efficient energy that keeps your outdoor experiences fun and carefree.

Count on FSi to Deliver Propane for Your Appliances

FSi Oil and Propane cannot endorse propane as a multi-use energy source enough. Count on our propane delivery experts to promptly and affordably provide your home with the fuel you need. Need  more convenience and ease in your schedule? Consider enrolling in our automatic propane delivery service and let us track your propane use. We’ll deliver your propane right when you need it, so you can focus on other priorities. We also offer a manual ordering option if that’s your preference—don’t forget to track your tank gauge, and request delivery when your tank dips to 30%. Ready to order a propane refill today? Give us a call at (413)532-3500 or contact us by clicking here to get started.