Is There Lead in Your Drinking Water?

Reverse-osmosis drinking water systems are among the most effective water filtration systems. With all the contaminants in drinking water, lead is toxic to everyone, but primarily to children. Studies have shown that exposure to lead in children can damage the brain and central nervous system, slow down development, and cause learning and behavioral problems. You may be thinking that lead paint and dust are the only ways to expose children to it, but high amounts of lead in tap water can be equally toxic. However, we have good news! There’s a way to combat high-level lead amounts in drinking water by reverse osmosis. Continue reading this blog post from FSi Oil and Propane to learn more.


How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis works by making water pass through a semipermeable membrane using air pressure. With this system, almost all contaminants filter out of the water effectively. You can enjoy top-quality water with a filter fitting neatly under your sink or in your basement. Finally, say goodbye to bad-tasting contaminated water that has an odor, and say hello to fresh, clean-tasting, clear, filtered water by reverse osmosis.

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Install a Reverse-Osmosis Water System with FSi Today

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