Why Sign Up for an A/C Service Plan?

Summers in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut are short, and we know you want to enjoy them. The best way to enjoy summer is being able to come home after a fun day in the sun to enjoy uninterrupted cooling comfort from your reliable air conditioner. However, like all home comfort technology, air conditioners require care and maintenance to operate at peak performance. At FSi, our priority is to keep you comfortable all year long. That’s why signing up for a service plan is the best bet to ensure that you have the longest, most enjoyable summer possible here in New England. With a service plan, you’ll get annual maintenance, meaning you’ll save money on energy bills, potential repairs, A/C system service life, and you’ll enjoy cleaner, healthier air. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading!

A/C Service Plan Benefits in MA & CT:

  • Annual Maintenance Included

Every A/C needs an annual tune-up. Tune-ups provide lots of benefits like maximized energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and improved indoor air quality. You’ll also maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • Worry Less about Repairs

Regardless of which service plan you enroll in, you’ll worry less about repairs. With our Advantage Service Plan, you’re totally covered on most things that could possibly go wrong with your A/C–but if you have a new system, and don’t need that much coverage, you could still save 15% on repairs with our Value Service Plan. Don’t let the cost of unexpected repairs ruin your summer fun when you can avoid them with a service plan.

  • Emergency Service You Can Count On

It may be New England, but we still get heat waves, and the worst luck would be to have a major A/C malfunction when it’s blazing outside. But don’t worry! Both plans come with reliable emergency service should you need us for a repair.

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Enroll in A/C Service Plan with FSi Today!

At FSi, we believe in providing quality service at the best value to our customers. You can count on us for all your A/C needs this summer. Whenever you’re ready to enroll in a service plan to ensure a seamless summer, don’t hesitate to get in touch!