Simplify Your Heating Oil Billing with the SmartPay Budget Plan from FSi!

Surprises are great for birthdays and summer blockbusters. But for your heating oil bills? Not so much.

Some amount of unpredictability is inevitable when it comes to managing the cost of your heating oil deliveries, since heating oil prices are subject to market and weather conditions that are always changing (unless you prebuy your heating oil, or get price cap protection, that is).

But there is a simple and FREE way to soften the impact of spikes in the cost of heating oil: spread your heating oil bills out over the course of a year with FSi’s SmartPay heating oil budget plan.

Here’s how it works: instead of paying 80 percent of your annual heating bill over a four- to five month period, we’ll divide your estimated bill (based on your previous usage over the last two years) into 11 equal payments, with one adjustment bill per year (sent as either an invoice to you or a credit to your account).

That means your bill will be the same, month after month, with no big heating bill surprises along the way.

Best of all, there are no finance charges for this service – you’ll even get a discounted fuel rate on every gallon we deliver! If you enroll in an FSi Service Plan, we can even roll that cost into your monthly payment so you don’t have to pay it as a lump sum.

SmartPay is available for propane, too

Don’t worry, propane delivery customers – we haven’t forgotten you! SmartPay is available for your propane gas, too, with the same great benefits, including predictable bills, propane discounts, and Propane Service Plan price roll-ins.

Think of how much easier it will be to plan your monthly heating oil and propane payments knowing what your energy bill will be! In a time where every day brings new surprises, it’s nice to have something you can rely on…

Enrollment in the FSi SmartPay plan for heating season 2019-20 ends July 31, so contact us right away if you want to get FREE peace of mind in the year ahead!