3 Indoor Air Tips: Nip Spring Allergies In The Bud!

indoor air quality for allergies hampden hampshire

Believe it or not, spring has arrived here in Western Massachusetts – and if you suffer from seasonal allergies or other respiratory problems, that means that sneezing, congestion, and other unpleasant symptoms can’t be far behind.

This spring, don’t suffer – make a plan! Here are three ways to keep your springtime allergies under control in the months to come.

1. Reduce exposure to allergens

Try these strategies to reduce exposure to irritants that will make your allergy symptoms worse:

  • Wear sunglasses – your eyes are a pollen portal
  • Spend a little less time outdoors – especially on dry, windy days, and during sunrise and sunset, when pollen counts are highest
  • When you come in from outdoors, remove and clean pollen-carrying clothing, and wash your skin and hair
  • Don’t hang laundry to dry outside — pollen can stick to sheets and towels

2. Avoid activities on high-pollen days

Let’s face it: for allergy sufferers, some days are just worse than others for pollen and other allergens; on those days,

  • Do what you can to minimize your time outdoors – including exercise time
  • Always take allergy medications before your symptoms start
  • Close doors and windows at night

3. Protect your indoor air quality

  • Wash bedding every week in hot water. Throw rugs, too (thanks, WebMD).
  • Vacuum at least once a week using a HEPA-filtered vacuum.
  • Get annual maintenance for your HVAC equipment, which will help the equipment move air and trap allergens more efficiently
  • If you have a forced-air heating and cooling systems (if you have ductwork and vents, you do), check the air filter every 30 days, replacing when necessary
  • Consider adding an indoor air quality system to your home’s HVAC system. Ask about our indoor air quality solutions when you contact us for your spring air conditioning tune-up!

Keep your allergy suffering at bay this spring with an indoor air quality solution from FSi Oil and Propane. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on indoor air quality installations in Western MA!