Top Home Projects You Need to Tackle This Spring

Spring has finally arrived! With temperatures starting to rise, many Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut residents are sprucing up their homes with some much-needed TLC after the long winter months. If you are unsure which home projects to get started on this season, the team of home comfort experts at FSi Oil and Propane compiled our most recommended tips to help get your home and comfort equipment in the best possible condition for the seasons to come. Keep reading to view our spring to-do list and ensure you do not skip out on these necessary tasks.

How to Prepare Your MA or CT Home for Warmer Weather

There’s a lot to do this spring season to get our Western MA and Northern CT homes ready for the rising weather temperatures and set us up for success all year long. Check out our list below to learn exactly what you need to do to get your home spruced-up for the rest of the year ahead:

Schedule your heating tune-up

Your heating system worked overtime to keep you warm all winter long. With the seasons beginning to change, why not ensure that your furnace or boiler stays in peak condition for the rest of the year with a spring tune-up? Request a heating tune-up today with our HVAC professionals.

Reduce dust & allergens with carpet cleaners

Spring is a great time for refreshening up your home’s indoor air quality. If your filters have already been replaced throughout your home, and your windowsills, screens, and doorways have been cleaned, the next step is to tackle some of the hidden dust and allergens embedded in your carpet. Luckily, this is easy to do by using or renting a carpet shampooing machine. We recommend doing this at least yearly to get the best indoor air quality results while keeping unnecessary pollutants in your home at bay.

Boost your cooling system’s efficiency

Warmer weather might have you already thinking about keeping cool indoors, which is why we believe that your A/C being in excellent condition is essential. Both ductless units and central air conditioners should be maintained with a service tune-up at least once a year. Booking your A/C tune-up can cut costs on your electricity bills, repair costs, and emergency service fees. If you’ve already had your HVAC equipment’s annual tune-up and you’re still not seeing the efficiency you’d like, consider upgrading to a newer system. New air conditioners will do the same job of cooling your home, increasing home comfort, and cleaning the air, but at a lower rate. These new, efficient models help you to save more energy (and money) during the seasons you rely on them the most! Contact us to request a quote today!

Upgrade your plumbing this season

Why not take advantage of the great weather to upgrade your home’s plumbing? Need new fixtures or help to renovate a brand-new bathroom or kitchen this year? Update or repair your plumbing with us to get the most out of your home comfort this season. Check out our plumbing services here.

Practice fire safety

Now is as good a time as any to inspect your home fire safety equipment. If you haven’t done so yet this year, this season is the time to do so. Be sure to change your smoke detector and CO detector batteries, check the fire extinguisher expiration date, and remind children and family members in your household of an emergency meeting spot and procedure in case of a fire. Additionally, stock emergency ladders in second-story bedrooms and ensure doorways aren’t blocked by clutter regularly.

Top off your fuel tank

Requesting a fuel tank fill-up during the springtime will ensure that you have heating oil or propane gas when you need it. Order heating oil or propane today to enjoy our low daily price and the peace of mind that you’ll have fuel in your tank when you need it. Or better yet, enroll in automatic delivery today!

Let FSi Oil and Propane Help Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Season

If you need an energy professional to perform your annual heating system maintenance, A/C tune-up, or new air conditioning installation service, FSi Oil and Propane is here to help. Simply click here to contact us online, or give us a call at (413) 532-3500 to speak with one of our helpful representatives today! Not yet an FSi customer? Fill out our online registration form today and submit a request for a FREE service quote today.