Three Things You Can Do Now to Make Next Heating Season Easier

Heating season 2018/2019 was a year of ups and downs weather-wise – and if you are an FSi Will Call customer, you have the up and down heating bills to prove it.

But if you were a FSi SmartPay Payment Plan customer this past winter and spring, you barely felt a billing bump in the road no matter how much the weather changed.

That’s because SmartPay takes your annual propane or heating oil bill and splits it into 11 equal installments (with one adjustment payment) rather than forcing 80 percent of your payments into a four or five month window. With SmartPay, you will know what you’re going to pay for fuel every month no matter how much fuel you use.

That kind of stability can really come in handy in today’s anything-unpredictable world.

To top it off, SmartPay customers get a discount on every gallon of fuel delivered, and can even roll the cost of an annual FSi Service Plan into their payment.

Two other FSi services that make heating season easier

Predictable bills can really help, but they won’t take all the stress out of heating season: equipment breakdowns and fuel run-outs aren’t fun either.

Fortunately, we have service solutions for those problems, too, including our:

  • Oil and Propane Service Plans – Preventative maintenance will save you money on energy bills and prevent many long-term repair hassles – but best of all, it will help make sure your heating system is ready to go you need it most. FSi offers service plans for your heating equipment that include comprehensive, seasonal tune-ups, guaranteed 24-hour service and more.
  • FREE Automatic Delivery – Make fuel run-outs and delivery hassles a thing of the past when you sign up for automatic delivery from FSi. With this convenient and FREE service, we’ll keep an eye on the weather and your average fuel use so we’ll know when you need a propane delivery or heating oil delivery. You’ll never have to think about scheduling a delivery or wait for a refill again.

Get ready – enrollment for SmartPay from FSi begins in June! Contact us today to learn about other FSi services that can make your life easier in the months ahead.