Three Ways to Prepare for Heating Season

If we asked you to name things you’re looking for more of in today’s fast-paced world, nothing in moderation world, saving money and simplifying your life would probably be at or near the top of that list.

Well, we have good news for you: our convenient services can help you do both of those things. Here are three services we offer that will make heating season 2019-20 easier for you and your family:

  1. Sign up for Automatic Delivery – Want a great way to simplify your fuel deliveries this heating season? Sign up for Automatic Delivery and let us take care of managing your propane or heating oil supply for you (you can learn more about automatic delivery here).

    If you want to remain a Will Call customer for FSi, it’s a good idea to schedule a heating oil or propane delivery sooner than later: ordering fuel in the middle of a heating season can be tricky, especially if we hit a good old-fashioned New England cold snap that sends everyone to their phones at once. Better to order your fuel now than risk a no-heat emergency later.

  2. Sign up for SmartPay – Why risk unexpected billing surprises and pay 80 percent of your annual heating costs over a four- to five month period when you can divide your bill into 11 predictable, equal monthly payments? When it comes to ease and convenience, SmartPay is the smart choice whether you are a heating oil or propane customer (or both!). Best of all, there is no finance fee for this service.
  3. Register your account online – Order fuel, check your account balance, check the status of your fuel heating oil or propane delivery, and more – all from the comfort of your laptop or smart phone. With our online customer portal, you’ll avoid late fees, save money on postage, and even save a tree or two.

FSi customers enrolled in these report high levels of satisfaction – a result of the convenience and ease they now enjoy when it comes to paying their heating bills. Want to join them and become a satisfied FSi customer? Contact us today to learn more.

Save yourself some money and hassles – and maybe even a few trees – with convenient fuel bill services from FSi. Contact us today to learn more!